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Free Vegetarian Food Distribution at Times Square Richmond Hill Summer Carnival 2018

Canada Guan Yin Tang Culture Centre continued to distribute delicious free vegetarian food at the 2018 Times Square Richmond Hill Summer Carnival festival. Since the start of summer, we have participated in multiple festivals to offer free vegetarian food to event visitors.

The respected Honourable Victor Oh, Senator, and City of Markham’s Ward 2 Councillor Alan Ho visited Canada Guan Yin Tang Culture Centre’s booth to express their appreciation of our efforts in providing free vegetarian food.

At the festival, volunteers of Canada Guan Yin Tang Culture Centre worked hard to provide beautiful, healthy, and tasty vegetarian foods. Families with young children were amongst the many visitors who enjoyed the delectable vegetarian dishes.

Many visitors were delighted by the colourful and delicious vegetarian foods we served during this 3-day festival. Meanwhile, our volunteers endeavoured to promote vegetarianism to those interested.

These scrumptious vegetarian sushi rolls were an instant hit at the event! The heart-decorations added a charming touch to each plate.

Canada Guan Yin Tang Culture Centre served a combination of traditional Chinese dishes and western-style fast food menu options to cater to differing preferences.

Canada Guan Yin Tang Culture Centre offered an astounding selection of delicious free vegetarian dishes, serving a total of 9 different menu options at this festival. Visitors enjoyed the mouth-watering vegetarian foods, and many returned on multiple occasions to try the various options. This has been a great weekend for us. Many thanks to everyone who came to visit us! We will continue distributing free vegetarian food in the future and giving our best to promote vegetarianism.

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